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Hale Hamilton – market leaders in the design and manufacture of high-performance pressure and fluid control components

About Us

Hale Hamilton is the market leader in the design and manufacture of high performance pressure and fluid control components and systems for a wide range of applications. We’ve been in the business for over 60 years. Our range of aircraft ground support equipment is designed to meet the most demanding in-service requirements and is supported through life. The Hale Hamilton nitrogen portable charging units (PCUs) are used by Armed Forces worldwide and also by Civilian and Business Jet operators and maintainers. Our PCU’s are arguably some of the most compact, light-weight, robust, single-person portable, high pressure gaseous ground support equipment available in the market today.

Portable Charging Unit

Hale Hamilton’s Nitrogen CP433 & Oxygen CP434 portable charging units are suitable for tyre-inflation, suspension strut charging, hydraulic accumulator charging and filling onboard oxygen systems. Their key benefits include:

  • Self-contained
  • Light-weight
  • Compact size
  • Pressure range 0-300bar (4,350 psi)

By using an industry standard carbon fibre/epoxy resin composite gas cylinder and a light but strong aluminium case we have made a Portable Charging Unit the size and weight of a small suitcase. The unit incorporates all the valves, regulators and gauges that are needed to control and supply gas under pressure safely and accurately. There is space to store up to 5metres of hose and other charging accessories. Because of its potential for use on airfields, all small removable parts are retained by chains to prevent foreign object damage (FOD). The inlet includes an easily- removable filter. All materials are flame retardant. resistant to aviation fuels and are suitable for breathing Oxygen where necessary. The units are certified to the European TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive). Full military standard documentation can be provided.

Hale Hamilton – Number 1 for compact and lightweight portable nitrogen charging units

Our Products

Nitrogen charging unit – dual range (NSN 3655-99-2125901)

  • Outlet pressure ranges: 0 to 34.5bar and 0 to 2bar
  • Valve body material: brass except regulator bodies which are aluminium to reduce weight
  • A 3m outlet hose, tyre inflator and special tyre adaptor are stowed in the case lid. These items have quick fit connectors for easy assembly.
  • The tyre inflator is fitted with an automatic shut off device to prevent over inflation.
  • Weight: 19kg (uncharged), 21.5kg (charged)

Nitrogen charging unit – dual range (heavy duty)

  • Outlet pressure ranges: 0 to 207bar and 0 to 35bar
  • Valve body material: brass except regulator bodies which are aluminium to reduce weight
  • This unit uses a heavier gauge material for the case and includes protective steel feet
  • A 3m outlet hose and high-pressure hand-held inflator are stowed in the case lid. These items have quick fit connectors for easy assembly.
  • The inflator is fitted with two pressure gauges to give accurate readings over a wide range of pressures.
  • Weight: 24kg (uncharged), 26.5kg (charged)
  • Additional handles are fitted to allow for two-man lifting.

Additional Options

Various outlet pressure ranges can be supplied:

  • We can design or source charging fittings or tools and arrange stowage in the case
  • Ports: alternative port configurations including quick connectors can be supplied
  • Materials: suitable combinations of materials can be supplied for various applications
  • The case can be lightweight for easy handling or heavy duty for better survival under field conditions

Wheeled PCU option

For ease of transport we can now supply the PCU fitted with wheels and an extendable handle. These can be fitted to any configuration of PCU and a retrofit kit is available. Both the wheels and the handle are selected from proven applications and are both rugged and practical.

The handle has two extension positions and when retracted it does not increase the length of the case. The handle extends to about 950mm from the floor with an intermediate stop at 850mm. The handle is positively locked in all positions and the lock is released by a convenient press button in the handle.

Extended stainless steel feet are added to protect the case and the handle mechanism. Additional stainless steel feet are also fitted on the top of the case, so that the lid lies flat when open. These feet add to the height by about 30mm on each face. The wheels are recessed into the case.
(Additional weight: approximately 1kg)

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