N2GO Nitrogen Portable Charging Unit

Part Number (s): NA57000
Weight: 21.5 kg
Product Code: 
The Nitrogen Portable Charging Unit (PCU) or Walk-about Kit is a man portable source of compressed nitrogen gas designed to meet the requirements for portable aircraft gaseous ground support. The compact case is manufactured from rugged aluminium alloy and has a protective coating applied to the colour required. Typical applications include topping-up the pressure in aircraft tyres, gas suspension struts and oleo systems. The unit comes complete with a 3m charging hose, equipped with circumferential quick connectors for ease of use. Each unit comes with a tyre charging adaptor, incorporating a standard Schraeder type valve. A hand-held charging unit may also be supplied, allowing accurate control of the charging pressure at the point of use. The portable walk-about kit is a very useful addition to an operator or maintainer's gaseous ground support equipment and itself may be recharged with nitrogen from a bottle cart/ trolley, air seperation cart or hangar/ workshop supply. Once charged the unit may be deployed where other gaseous ground support equipment is not available. The simple design may be configured to meet a customer's specific requirements (see ordering detail).
Man portable. Light weight. Compact. Robust aluminium case. Supply of high pressure nitrogen. 1800L nitrogen at STP. 6.7L water carbon fibre composite cylinder. Integral charging hose. Integral filter. Non-combustable materials. All loose items securely retained. Certified to TPED. Tyre charging adaptor. Quick connectors. Easy maintenance. Choice of case colour. Choice of number and pressure range of regulators. Integral relief valves. Integral pressure gauges.
Multiple handles to be easily carried by one or two people. Self-contained, safe controlled supply of high pressure nitrogen gas where it's needed. Up to 60% reduction in aircraft downtime and up to 30% increase in aircraft turnaround time achieved through the readily available nitrogen supply. Various outlet pressure ranges and fittings available. Designed to be FOD free. Removable filter for ease of maintenance. Removable panel for ease of maintenance. Configurable design means a wide range of charging pressures can be accommodated in one unit. Charging adaptors supplied with built-in over-pressure protection, to safeguard sensitive applications. Charging panel may be used with integral cylinder or with an independent nitrogen supply. Certified to fly. Full military documentation available.


Inlet Connection: 
G1/4" or UK MOD
Outlet Connection: 
Quick connect
Maximum Working Pressure - bar : 
0 - 350
Maximum Working Pressure - psig: 
0 - 5,075
Outlet Pressure Range - bar: 
0 - 207
Outlet Pressure Range - psi: 
0 - 3,000
Stage One Pressure Range - bar - fluid: 
0 - 207
Stage One Pressure Range - psi - fluid: 
0 - 3,000
Stage Two Pressure Range - bar - fluid : 
0 - 35
Stage Two Pressure Range - psi - fluid: 
0 - 500
Relief Valve Set pressure range bar: 
0 - 385
Relief Valve Set pressure range psi: 
0 - 5,600
Relief Valve Reseat Pressure %: 
Relief Valve Set Pressure Variation % : 
Nominal bore - mm: 
Filtration level - Micron : 
Inlet/Outlet Pressure variation (%): 


Limit Stop of Outlet Pressure: 
Standard Materials: 
Painted aluminium case. Carbon fibre, composite cylinder, aluminium valves with stainless steel components, nickel aluminium bronze valves with stainless steel components, stainless steel hosed pressure gauges, stainless steel tyre adaptor, nitrile rubber charging hose c/w stainless steel quick connectors.
Ordering Information: 
Outlet pressure ranges. Number of outlet pressure ranges. Light weight or heavy duty case. Inlet & outlet hose connections. Charging hose. Hand-held charging device. Tyre adaptor. Case finish colour and markings.
Service instruction reference: 
Installation Dimensions
Height (mm): 
Depth (mm): 
Width (mm): 
Length of manifold (mm): 
Length between ports (mm): 
Packaging Dimensions
Packaging Height (mm): 
Packaging Width (mm): 
Packaging Depth (mm): 
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