Hale Hamilton to strengthen ASEAN ties at Gasworld 2012

16 Mar 2012


Hale Hamilton is delighted to announce that it will be present at the forthcoming Gasworld 2012 conference in Singapore.

Running from June 26-28 at the city’s Orchard Hotel, the event will bring together some of the biggest and most important names in the valve and gas industry. 

Tier 1 industrial gas companies will be present, alongside senior management from independents in the region, equipment companies and large volume end-users. 

Gasworld 2012 will be focused mainly on the business environment within the ASEAN region, alongside greener, cleaner energy and a global focus on sustainability. 

N11000 Series

Hale Hamilton’s recently launched range of modular cylinder filling manifold solutions, the N11000 Series, will be on display in Singapore. Containing the latest range of manual and actuated balanced stop valves, the N11000 Series reduces assembly and test time and the number of welded connections, resulting in reduced overall cost of ownership. In addition, utilising the balanced design valves significantly increases the service life of the system.

Aimed at Asia’s burgeoning Industrial Gas market, the N11000 series of Cylinder Filling solutions will be exhibited alongside Hale Hamilton’s new range of stainless steel dome loaded regulators and balanced manual stop valves targeted at the Hydrogen market sector. 

These fully stainless steel designs fall into line with stringent safety requirements, reducing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Further details can be found here

The firm’s expertise is based on 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-pressure valves and the dome loaded regulators contain a number of features suited to the ASEAN market.

Hale Hamilton will also demonstrate its superior cylinder filling technology, proportional filling technology that features a better than 0.5% fill accuracy. Fill profiles are pre-selected to reduce temperature rise, while the fill speed is controlled – reducing adiabatic shock. 

Strengthening ties

The gas and valve markets in the ASEAN region are currently undergoing huge and promising growth. Much of Gasworld’s conference will be focused on the enormous potential of the area, alongside gas supply options and building towards a sustainable future.

Hale Hamilton’s strong presence in the area generates excellent local technical and logistical support, working alongside local systems, panel designs, fabrication and installation support. The firm is currently well represented in Singapore, China and India, with technically-based partners there, and hopes to build and strengthen further ties in the region during Gasworld.