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Hale Hamilton is the market leader in the design and manufacture of high performance pressure and fluid control components and systems for a wide range of applications. We’ve been in the business for over 60 years. Our range of industrial valve systems are designed to meet the most demanding in-service requirements and is supported through life.

Differential valve systems

Hale Hamilton’s range of differential valves are designed for use with general industrial gases. We also offer a range of oxygen compatible versions. Manufactured from nickel aluminium bronze and brass, our differential valves are part of our relief valve range. Benefits include:

Hale Hamilton’s aim is to provide our customers with the most consistent and reliable products available, designed and manufactured to meet their every need. We are committed to achieving the best results first time and every time.

Hale Hamilton constantly strives to manufacture our valves to a high standard, providing benefits that are essential when the component is in use. Minimal interport leakage, compact design, flexible connections and mounting, robust proven design delivering a responsive and reliable product.

Our Products - RS Series

Hale Hamilton’s RS series is a range of differential valves that are suitable for use with general industrial gases. Oxygen compatible versions are also available. The products come in a large range of sizes and fittings, and are made from nickel aluminium bronze or brass. Features include:

  • Body ported, banjo mounted, cartridge mounted complete with anti-tamper wire locking
  • Compact and versatile range
  • Available in a wide range of body configurations and settings
  • Oxygen compatible versions available adiabatic shock tested for Medical oxygen applications
  • Certification of conformances to PED category 4, ATEX category 3

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Hale Hamilton - the UK’s premier manufacturer and supplier of differential valves for the industrial gas industry