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Hale Hamilton is the market leader in the design and manufacture of high performance pressure and fluid control components and systems for use in a wide range of applications. 

For more than 60 years we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to design, manufacture, install and commission complete cylinder filling and gas supply systems. Manual, actuated and proportional controlled systems are all standard offerings within our range, including breathing air cylinder filling. 

Advanced technology 

Until recently, filling breathing air cylinders for civilian, military and industrial applications has been a time-consuming, manual process. It also carried a certain degree of risk, given that it involved working with high-pressure, sometimes flammable and unpredictable gases. The problems were compounded by the fact that the task was unnecessarily labour-intensive, and the outcome was often variable in terms of the mass of gas filled and in the case of air its quality.

However, the development and technological advances made by Hale Hamilton in high-pressure air system control now mean that this risky process can now be carried out automatically. Our AUTOCHARGE Cylinder Filling system has been developed primarily for the safe and efficient filling of breathing air cylinders and our products are now widely used in the marine markets for yacht, cruise, commercial and naval applications. They are also used in civilian breathing air applications, in industry, at airports, the security services and police force, the fire service, for diving and for damage control in hazardous environments.

Think gas filling systems: think Hale Hamilton

Hale Hamilton
Number 1 for automated cylinder filling


UP TO 5,500PSI

For fire fighting / damage control Breathing Air (BA) and Diving Air (DA) cylinder charging – the advantages:

  • Profiled fill
  • Repeatable & consistent mass of filled gas.
  • Reduced fill times
  • Known quality
  • Fully automated
  • Increased safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Shock, vibration & environmentally tested
  • 63 years of design expertise in BA systems
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Hale Hamilton - the UK’s premier manufacturer and supplier of Automated Breathing Air Charging systems


• Hale Hamilton’s automation of filling breathing air cylinders, or 'Autocharging', has addressed a number of safety issues, while speeding up a previously repetitive task. Autocharging can now be carried out in a much more cost-effective manner and the inherent risks associated with the manual control of high-pressure air systems have been significantly reduced.

• Autocharging through proportional control has delivered a number of benefits. High-pressure air can now be controlled safely, while filling times have been reduced. The air is now maintained in contact with filtration media for the required time to ensure its breathing air quality, and the process delivers both a repeatable and consistent mass of gas filled. 

• The use of sensor technology has allowed for fill pressures to be pre-selected for different applications, multiple applications to be filled from the same panel without the need to recalibrate and delivers cylinder filling from any residual pressure up to 380bar (5,510 psi).

• The Autocharging process is robust, and the design of the cutting-edge equipment allows it to withstand both shock and vibration. It will even withstand the effects of the corrosive marine environment. Push button-automation has made the process of air cylinder filling easier, simplified the start, stop and vent-down procedures, and reduced the need for operator training. 

• Additionally, advances in on-line Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) options enable Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), which can provide significant advantages such as only having to change the filter cartridges when necessary, through real-time breathing air quality measurement. This equipment is offered as an option with AUTOCHARGE in association with Analox Limited. 

• Some of our AUTOCHARGE gas-filling systems now offer turnkey charging solutions. This option offers a complete package which includes compressor, air drier, air storage and automated cylinder filling. Turnkey charging solutions can be configured and packaged appropriately for individual applications which meet the user’s precise requirements.