Hale Hamilton technical seminar in China

21 Jun 2012

During a gathering of the worlds leading gas companies; Linde Group, Air Liquide, Air Products and Messer Gas in Shanghai, China, Hale Hamilton Valves and its local distributor Silpac International delivered a technical seminar.

Whilst a broad range of topics were covered, the main emphasis of the event was;

  1. A technical appreciation and practical demonstration of the benefits of using Balanced Stop Valves vs Unbalanced designs within Cylinder Filling applications. The technical data and practical demonstration was based around the Hale Hamilton SV60 and N6 Series range of manual stop valves.
  2. An in depth review of balanced pressure regulators vs unbalanced designs and their relevant application along with the RH11A Proportional Dome Loaded Range used within Gas supply & Cylinder Filling applications.The particular merits of the Proportional Regulators used within Oxygen Filling applications were explored in detail, focusing on;
    a) High accuracy fill pressure – better than 0.5%
    b) Significantly reduced shock within the system.
    c) Significantly reduced temperature rise during the fill process.
  3. An introduction to the latest range of fill manifolds – N11000 Series incorporating the latest valve technologies included within the N6 Mk150/OXB and ASV158/OXB stop valves.
  4. An introduction to the “one stop shop” principle developed between Hale Hamilton and Silpac International for the China Industrial Gas market. This principle was supported by a visit to the Silpac systems build facility where a customer Hydrogen Pressure reduction panel was viewed.
  5. An overview of the latest range of stainless steel products developed for the Hydrogen trailer and supply market, including the range of TPED approved stop valves.

Ian Davies – Sales Director Hale Hamilton Valves comments “this was a highly successful day, giving all interested parties; Gas customers, Hale Hamilton and Silpac the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain a better understanding of each others business. I see this becoming a regular annual event. Thanks go out to our customers for giving us their valuable time and to the Silpac team for arranging such a great event”.