3 Line Mechanical Priority Fill Manifold

Part Number (s): N107087
Product Code: 
CNG Priority Fill Manifolds direct high pressure compressed natural gas from a compressor or tube trailer to a number of storage banks while retaining the residual pressures in each bank. Gas is then drawn from the storage banks through the Priority Fill Manifold to the dispenser(s) on the fuelling station forecourt. Our tried and tested designs are incorporated into a compact range of manifolds which offer significant improvements in terms of installation, footprint and minimisation of potential leak paths, compared with traditional panels using discrete components.
Fully mechanical multifunction Daughter Station manifold block including, Direct Fill, Connections to compressor, storage and dispenser lines, Priority Valve, Check valves, Storage Gauges and Dispenser Line and Compressor Inlet Manual Ball Valves
Accurate and Fully Automatic control of residual pressure in storage cascade banks, Consistent lift and reseat from the Priority valves makes for a more efficient priority fill system, proven reliability of all components in the manifold reduces maintenance, Easy change out of all components which are either cartridge valves and externally screwed into the manifold, easier and cheaper to install thanks to the through manifold mounting feature.


Process Connection(s): 
1/2" NPT
Outlet Pressure Range - bar: 
Outlet Pressure Range - psi: 
Priority Valve Set pressure range bar: 
170 - 250bar
Priority Valve Set pressure range psi: 
2465 to 3600
Nominal bore - mm: 
Compressed Natural Gas
Standard Materials: 
Anodised aluminium, Nitrile , Viton & PEEK.
Ordering Information: 
Priority Valve Set pressures. Number of lines. Certification and QA requirements. What optional features are required.
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Installation Dimensions
Height (mm): 
Depth (mm): 
Width (mm):